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A Story About Us

Pempek Selamat is a family owned business started from the year 2000 from a small kiosk in a small city, Jambi.

Through many challenges and obstacles we managed to offer you more than just a “Toko Pempek”. Pempek Selamat now has 12 Outlets in Jambi, Palembang, Lampung and Jakarta, each one fully air conditioned.

One of our biggest achievement would be our long standing factory, through what we believe to be the first ever Pempek Factory in the world, we produce around 40.000 pieces of Pempek daily.

Pempek Selamat hold up our values as a proud family corporation,

Hygiene and Quality is our utmost priority.

Our Milestone

The history of changes and growth

in 2000



in 2005

Factory Opened


in 2006



in 2009



in 2019